Floor Looks The Same

A young girl’s feelings of inertia leads her to wander the urban city in search of a lost bird.

Singapore, 2022, 20:00, Colour, Stereo

This project was developed under *SCAPE Film Facilitation Programme, under the mentorship of Rafael Manuel.

A recipient of the Momo Film Distribution Grant.

Producer - Sophia Sim
DP - Nicole Chai, Gladys Ng
CA - Tan Kang Wei, Tom Seah
Assistant Director - Wendy Lie
Art - Claudia Park
Wardrobe - Hazirah Alam
Sound Design - Amelia Sai
Music - Louie Zong
Editor - Gladys Ng
Colourist - Nuttacha Khajornkiatsakul

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copyright gladysng 2020